Better Days

So, my blog blew up yesterday. It always seems to do that when I talk about things that get me riled up or impassioned.

Let’s be real, having a disability isn’t exactly bad, but it certainly isn’t good either. Some days, everything that has piled up over a month (or more), come spilling out like an active volcano.

Several people told me yesterday that they thought the woman meant well. You, can have the best intentions, and still be unacceptable. If the same thing happened to you, you wouldn’t have taken it sitting down, so tell me why I should. Just because it’s a common issue doesn’t mean anyone should “just accept it.” Narratives will never change that way.

You should be mad too. Going outside yesterday’s incident, I have addressed accessibility issues in letters, on the news, and even working with a Diversity and Inclusion group. I can’t even look in the comments section, because I’ve been called a “whiny snowflake” — and even worse.

As I said in harsher terms yesterday, some form of disability is coming for everyone. You might not be prepared for it, but we can soften the blow by working together towards change.

What can you do? Try to look outside of your personal bubble. If you’re not sure about something, ask or do some research. Assuming and accepting can land you in a hole. I’m even working on that myself.

Special thanks to my friends, who make the hard days easier, and the good days better.

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