In A Decade

I’ve been reflecting on my accomplishments over 10 years. I’ve done so many things that one might consider “against the odds.” I graduated college, I was the first person in my family to graduate from university. I remember wanting to be in school for as long as I could, because I thought it was protection against the world assuming that my disability made me stupid — I thought it was a sure fire way to not be like my parents.

A decade later, I know you can’t escape either of those things entirely. You’re always going to have a trait from a parent, and you’re not always going to like it.

Thankfully, it didn’t take me a whole decade to realize that education isn’t everything. I’ve honestly learned the most about myself outside of school. I hate that I still feel like I have to prove myself in some degree, but at least now I know when to pick my battles.

The decade brought my first job, my second job, pain, loss, awareness of mental health issues, and a fun but thankless hobby — comedy. The good news is that all of the aforementioned things make great material

I don’t think I’m going to revamp myself in the coming years. I mean, it’s not like I can just get up and start walking, anyway. If there’s anything I’ve learned from the last 10 years, it’s that we can do better. So, I’ll spend this year writing the things that need to be said, fighting battles that need to be won: and teaching lessons with laughter. I’m not chasing after anyone either, so be ready to keep up, or get left in my dust…

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