Toronto “Toots”

I haven’t had much time to think about my old job lately. I think that’s a good thing, because in the end, it was a stressful and sad point in my life. However, before I go even farther Into the “new job” life, I want to give the proper spotlight to the two coworkers that never got a proper goodbye — Bri and Brett.

I didn’t see them very often because they worked from Diply’s Toronto office, but they each left their own unique impression on my heart.

Brett has the quirkiest sense of humour I’ve ever seen. Every time he posts a meme, or anything, really; I either laugh hysterically or stare in confusion, willing myself to try and understand it. He’s the only guy I’ve never minded sliding into my DM’s, because he always shared funny things based on my own humour, or praised puns and fitting phrases within my articles.

Brett is also the current holder of “the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me” title. He had the best Christmas present made for me.

I’ll let this speak for itself.

Last thought on dear Brett: I love him more than the lobster Mac and cheese I had at his welcome lunch — that’s a lot!

Now, it’s Bri’s turn.Where to start with Bri? Well… she has a laugh that could get herself immediately kicked out of a library. However, in that laugh is also a pure joy and love for life that I’m certain no one else has. When I first met Bri I could sense a quiet confidence that I still aspire to have. She has a blog presence that I could only dream of, and I’ve seen her tackle issues that are important to her with the perfect combination of ferocity and grace. I have even participated in one of her blog projects, and the experience was very refreshing.

Bri also has so much confidence in her fashion and beauty choices; it’s enviable. She’s the only person I’ve actually felt like copying a look from. I did, and I didn’t pull it off as flawlessly. I’ve never told Bri, but just knowing her has pushed me way out of my comfort zone. She is one of the reasons I pick something different from the clothing rack, and her honesty in her writing has encouraged me to express myself without fear.

I’m sorry I never got to say goodbye, but I think this covers everything.

One thought on “Toronto “Toots”

  1. You pull off anything you want to, and don’t you forget it. And if you ever want to do some guest blog posts, you know where I’m at 😉


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