Without Teachers

I’ve seen a lot of people posting against the education cuts planned/made under the Ford Government. I would like to add my own voice to the mix.

As a student with a disability, I wouldn’t have succeeded without the help of educational assistants. They were my hands when mine couldn’t work. They had the challenge of putting my thoughts to paper; my thoughts often coming faster than they could write. They were the biggest advocates for my success, letting teachers know what I needed; and sometimes reminding ignorant teachers that I was more than an extra body at the back of the room (the 90s were tough times.)

Larger class sizes and cutting EA’s is educational sabotage. Teachers will not be able to effectively do their jobs. I had a few classes on Main Campus at Western, and I recall the overwhelming feeling of being “just a number.” That feeling shouldn’t occupy the minds of elementary or secondary school students. Those years are meant for figuring out what works best for you and where your passions lie; before sinking thousands of dollars into them later.

I’ve heard teachers be referred to as lazy. That is so far from the truth. My passion for writing did not come from my parents. My passion for writing came from teachers like Judy Carter, who spent several painstaking periods trying to help me grasp Shakespeare; and write a poem of my own.

My love of Media and Animation was born from Linda Harvey-Rioux teaching the basics of photoshop; and dedicating several classes to the subject of Claymation

Extracurricular activities like choir in elementary school, gave me reprieve from an unstable life at home. I learned confidence, as well as how to socialize with my peers. Making cuts will deny students a key form of expression and growth that you can’t get anywhere else.

It is so discouraging and disturbing knowing that people who evidently don’t value education — don’t even finish what they start, are left in charge of the policies.

Don’t forget to thank the teachers and EA’s in your life. You probably wouldn’t be where you are today without them.

My Grade 6 teacher, Sue Hatch, who I still see on occasion.

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