Yoshi’s Crafted World – An Accessibility Review

I’ve always wanted to write game reviews that included how easy or difficult it was for people with disabilities to play. Sometimes, I buy a game and I end up getting really frustrated because of the tasks and the motor skills needed to do them. Truthfully, I know that video games are not accessible for everyone. However, if you can play, I hope my review will provide some useful insights.

As a Nintendo Switch user, I personally enjoy playing in portable mode with the joy-con attached. I have played in TV mode, and I find that I have difficulty controlling buttons and screen prompts

For my first review, I decided to start my review idea off with Yoshi’s Crafted World. I was pretty stoked for this game because it’s my first serious Yoshi game. I believe I tried a Yoshi game on the Nintendo DS platform, but I had trouble getting into it, and just plain stopped

Yoshi’s Crafted World has proven to be more enticing, thankfully. The game has two modes; Mellow and Classic. I chose to start with Mellow because I don’t have previous experience with any Yoshi games.

The nice thing about Mellow mode, is that it gives more time and power to Yoshi’s flutter jump. This is great for people who have difficulty lining up and timing jumps. Another handy feature of the mode is that it alerts you when a level objective is nearby.

My Orange Yoshi with Mellow Mode wings.

If you use the Nintendo Switch in TV mode, there is also an option for 2 player co-op. This is great, because if you are struggling with a particular part of the game, you can ask a pal for help. The second player also has the bonus of infinite Yoshi eggs.

The one thing you will need in this game is patience. The objective can be difficult to achieve all at once. It’s ok to come back to a level and try again. I made the mistake of repetitive tries on the same level. I would recommend visiting another level as a break up to avoid any frustration. I’m happy to report that after coming back to them , I achieved 100% in 4 levels so far.

At the time of writing, I have defeated 1 small boss and 1 large boss with little difficulty. I will update this post when I’ve completed the game.

I’m not disappointed with my first Yoshi experience at all. I would recommend it to someone who likes a bit of a challenge and doesn’t mind looking at a game from many different angles. The levels are very crafty in design.

If you would like me to add more to my reviews, please leave a comment below

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