That Kevin Guy

When I first started working at Diply, I was very proud of having a few Yuk Yuks Amateur Nights under my belt. I was so confident that I was funny; I even performed my favourite bits for the DIY team on my first day. I was soon told that there was a really funny guy on the Humour team named Kevin, who I should really get to know.

Eventually, I got to work with him. He even invited me to come to a show at the Roxbury when the Yuk Yuks season died down. I remember being floored when I learned that he hosted the show. It’s been my favourite spot to perform ever since.

Why am I devoting a whole blog post to a guy named Kevin? After 9 years in the London Ontario comedy scene, he hosted his last show yesterday evening.

Kevin has given so much to the comedy comedy community. He’s one of the reasons I enjoy shows as much as I do. I’ve met great people because of coming to his shows every month that I can manage. He’s someone that I look up to. When he says he enjoyed a bit, it means more to me than even parental approval.

Kevin deserves the best in all of his future experiences and plans. I couldn’t have managed at Diply; or grown in comedy without his support and friendship. He even makes the whole unemployment thing a lot more bearable. I don’t know what I’d do without Mario Parties to look forward to.

If you don’t have a Kevin in your life, you’re missing out. I can 100% guarantee that you will never find a Kevin quite like my friend, Kevin Avram.

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